What work was completed today in your study team?
What is the team's plan for the next session (Friday, August 20)?
8/16/2010 06:08:25 am

We have worked on the learning progression for energy within earth science.

We will communicate using Google.dox and the "bat phones."

8/16/2010 06:12:02 am

We met with Denise to clarify that we will be using the Iowa School Counseling Model and the crosswalking tool that was created as part of the Counselor Academy. We plan to meet in Manning on Friday to continue our work on learning progressions.

8/16/2010 06:21:53 am

We worked on learning progressions for motor skills in PE.

Plan to talk to Janette to see what works for her.

Social Studies Group
8/16/2010 06:28:15 am

Today we completed a learning progression over Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens.

Our plan for Friday is that we are going to meet in the ICN room and continue to build our learning progressions.

8/16/2010 06:31:30 am

Today we completed one set of learning progressions. Geometry.

The plan for Friday is to all meet in Nancy K room at 1:30. Julie will bring the treats. October 12 the group will drive to Manning.

Literacy/Foreign Language
8/16/2010 06:32:42 am

We completed work on a vocabulary and decoding LP. On Friday we are going to stay in our respective buildings, each working on a separate LP. The middle school will focus on non-fiction, and the high school will work on fiction. We will call each other to check in at 2:30 to see what progress has been made.

8/16/2010 06:36:08 am

We worked on learning progressions in financial literacy, focusing on spending and credit.

Our CTE group will start working in room 406 at 3:40, finishing at 4:40 on Friday. We plan to continue working on financial literacy, finishing our credit learning progression and going from there.

8/16/2010 06:37:26 am

We have begun a learning progression for major scales (grade 5-12).

We will be meeting in Manilla on Friday. We will work on a learning progression on reading vocal music.

8/16/2010 06:38:32 am

Update: We just finished the 3rd math progressions in Geometry. We have a wonderful group!

8/16/2010 07:06:40 am

We worked on categories for learning progressions and started on K-12 painting.
We will be working in our seperate buildings and continuing with painting and starting with drawing. We can communicate through our cell phones.


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