What work was completed today in your study team?
What is the team's plan for the next session (October 12)? 
What resources / instruction / help does your team need?

Since the next session isn't until October 12, your team may decide to work outside the PD time. If you do, please let Denise W. know.
Music Study Group
8/20/2010 06:07:47 am


Today we did a learning progression called “Reading Music”. It progresses from the very early elementary music classes through High School.

For next time, we are going to come up with a list of various learning progressions that we can build into our curriculum.

If the advisors feel we are on the right track, we seem to be doing fine.

PE Group
8/20/2010 06:13:50 am

Worked on Physical Fitness Progressions and made steady progress. The plan for next time is to continue to work on progressions for manipulative skills. Feedback to see if we are on the right track.

Science Group
8/20/2010 06:20:03 am

We have completed two more learning progressions which finishes our work in Earth Science.

Next session plan is to work on physical science and work on the paper copy before we go into google docs. We will meet in the science room in Manning.

None, we have the paper copies already.

Social Studies Group
8/20/2010 06:33:15 am

What work was completed today?
Today we completed 2 Learning Progressions and finished the Political Science/Civic Literacy Discipline.

What is the team's plan for the next session on October 12?
We are going to start the Learning Progressions over the History discipline

What resources/instruction/help is needed?
We will need hard copies of the various disciplines and time to work together.

Literacy Group
8/20/2010 06:33:22 am

We have fixed our vocabulary/decoding LP. We worked on our fiction and nonfiction LP.

Next session plan is to review completed work and make necessary revisions.

Continue to monitor our LP.

8/20/2010 06:34:29 am

What did we do today? Today in our CTE group we finished learning progressions for the Financial Literacy component of 21st Century Skills.

On Oct. 12th we will start working on Employability Skills. We will meet in room 406, 1:40-3:40.

K-8 teacher input on the work we are doing would be beneficial.

8/20/2010 06:35:30 am

We worked on the "Skills for Improving Learning" and "Achieve School Success" progressions.

Our next session will involve continuing with more of the Learning Progressions, based on using the Iowa Counseling Standards.

Our issues are mainly technical (how to add new tables, etc!)

8/20/2010 06:37:40 am

We worked on finishing up progressions in painting and drawing. We will continue working on the above progressions and starting one on Properties of 3D Art.
We need help getting a blank document into Google Docs. HELP!!!

8/31/2010 12:08:03 am

What work was completed today in your study team?
The math group just finished the learning progression in geometry.
What is the team's plan for the next session (October 12)? We plan on meeting in Manning in a large group.
What resources / instruction / help does your team need? Talk to Jenny R and find out the next learning progression we need. I had this all written down in my last blog. Sorry it didn't work.


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