Characteristics of Effective Instruction:

Formative Assessment/Assessment for Learning (Iowa Core brief)

3 things that connect with “Attributes of Formative Assessment” article:
2 things that match what you expected/your thinking:
1 thing that is different/new to you:

Jenni Erb
8/16/2010 12:03:50 am

3 connections:
1. Both articles do a good job of summarizing the 5 attributes of assessment for learning.
2. Both articles discuss the importance of teacher and student involvement in the process, emphasizing student involvement.
3. Both articles emphasize the value of using information gained to help the student reach a learning goal.

2 matches:
1. I agree that using information assessed to adapt instruction is an ongoing process, that the teacher and student must constantly be using information gained through assessment and feedback to further learning.
2. I agree with the importance of a teacher understanding the content knowledge and learning progressions in a content before that teacher can effectively guide students through those learning progressions.

1 new thing:
1. The article talked about how there is usually a dip in student learning as teachers implement new strategies, but that research suggests with formative assessment there is no dip in student learning.

Amy Bemus
8/16/2010 12:07:25 am

3 Things that connect with "Attributes" article...
1. Descriptive feedback: Both articles talk of providing info. on what was done well, what still needs to improve, and how to improve.
2. Self- and peer-assessment: Students assume responsibility for their learning by using these kinds of assessments.
3. Learning goals and success criteria: Goals should be in language that the students can understand and examples should be given.

2 things that match the expected/my thinking...
1. The classroom atmosphere should be one where students feel respected and they feel like partners in the learning process.
2. The teacher must have an understanding of the learning target and prerequisite skills in order to help increase student learning.

1 thing that is new or different...
The idea that everything a student does must be assessed in some manner. I guess I probably realized that, but didn't necessarily think something as simple as a student comment fell under the category of assessment.

Jean Ferneding
8/16/2010 12:08:00 am

3 things Learning goals should be clearly identified and communicated to students.
Self and peer assessment are important for providing students an opportunity to think metacognitively about their learning.
A classroom culture in which teachers and students are partners in learning should be established.
2 things Assessment for learning is used by both teachers and students.
Strategies alone are not assessment for learning.
1 thing In the 5 attributes of assessment for learning there is no indication as to which is the most important attribute.

Julie Livingston
8/16/2010 12:10:22 am

As teachers we should plan these strategies during our instruction. They may include yourself or a co-teacher. Use may use observations, questions, probes, quizes, etc.
We need to understand the learning prgressions by knowing where the student is and where do we want to go with the student. We set clean targets, give feedback, self and peer assessment. Feedback is very important. I feel making sure the students understands the feedback is very importand to the learing process.
One other connection is giving the students respect, the teachers role is the collaborator. I feel this is my role in the general education classroom.
New, or somthing I want to work on is student self assessment stratergies. I want to be able to show them their growth. I guess have them see their own growth.

Literacy/Foreign Language
8/16/2010 12:31:42 am

3. Model strong and weak examples
2. Students and teachers are involved in the process
1. Effective feedback

2. Feeback must be timely
1. Metacognition piece is important

1. Effect size of students gains and no dips. (Statistics)

8/16/2010 12:32:17 am

3 Connections
- students and teachers are part of the process
- formative assessment is an ongoing process
- learning goals should be clearly defined

2 Matches thinking
- that it is a process
- that learning goals should be clear

1 New
- Assessment for learning is classroom assessment but not all classroom assessment is assessment for learning.

8/16/2010 12:37:06 am

3 Connections...
1. This is a PROCESS, not an instrument or tool.
2. Self-and peer-assessment is an important attribute.
3. Classroom environment is vital is the learning process.

2 Matches to our thinking...
1. Constructive, specific peer and teacher feedback is very important
2.Clear learning goals, in kid-friendly language

1 new/different idea...
Learning gains are greater for low achieving students than for all other students...reducing the achievement gap

Social Studies Group
8/16/2010 12:37:17 am

3 Connections
1) Developing a learning target
2) Having a method of self and peer assessment
3) Having effective feedback given to students

2 Things that matched our thinking
1) Students need to have a goal that they want to achieve
2) Adjusting plans according to assessments

1) Area that is new
As a group we disagree with this...
That low performance is not indicative of things such as low SES, disabilities, or society, but a disconnection between content, instruction, and assessment....Then why do we have Spec. Ed. programs or keep track of Free/Reduced, ect.

8/16/2010 12:37:49 am

Three Connections to Hermitage Article
1. Peer and Self Assessment
2. Goal Setting and Descriptive Feedback
3. Collaborative Classroom

Two Matches to What I Expected
1. You need to know where kids are coming from to know where you want to take them.
2. Feedback in a timely manner--Elements of Description Feedback are necessary for student progress

One Thing That Was New
1. No loss of learning when you use formative assessment

8/16/2010 12:38:09 am

3 Connections between articles:
1. This process should be used by both teachers and students.
2. Effective feedback is an important part of the process.
3. Learning progressions and content knowledge are an important part of the process.

2 Matches to our thinking:
1. Effective instruction is a process, this isn't a tool to use but a process to implement by both teachers and students.
2. Students need a clear understanding of what the learning target is for the teacher to effectively guide them through the learning progressions.

1 New thing:
1. A clear definition of learning progressions and helping us to apply it to formative assessment.

8/16/2010 12:40:15 am

3 things that connect-
1) Descriptive feedback
2) Collaboration
3) Learning goals are clearly identified

2 things that match-
1) Peer and self-assessment
2) Life-long learning for both students and teachers.

1 thing that is new-
1) Formative assessment doesn't have to be done every class or every period to see effective improvement.

12/1/2010 11:29:56 am

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